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Building 711, Fanar Main Road, Beirut, Lebanon
Unit 1005, Sobha Ivory 1, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

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Less than 100 years ago, our auditory sense was considerably more dominant than our visual faculty in delivering information about our world. 

Back then, we were well aware of the impact of positive and negative sounds and we naturally adapted our living and working environment for a better quality of life.

Today, blinded by the dominance of our visual sense, we have forgotten, but not escaped from the effects of negative soundscapes on our mood, productivity and behaviour.

This section is dedicated to our huge passion and our driving principle that sound matters.

behind the music

Episode 3: Überhaus

Launch on 18 Mar 2018

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TEDxUSJ - Fouad Bechwati

September 15, 2017

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The Ballroom Blitz
Acoustic and Audio Consultancy - Full design for soundproofing and acoustic treatment of club, plus design, specification, implementation and tuning of full analogue sound system by Stage Accompany and dnb
AHM - Beirut 2017
Acoustic and Audio Consultancy - Design of the soundproofing structure surrounding the club, as well as the sound system design and calibration
The Gärten - Beirut 2017
Acoustic Consultancy - Technical design of sound proofing barrier implemented on the pyramidal steel structure as well as the infamous acoustic tunnel leading into and out of the backstage area of the club
WOLF - Berlin 2017
Acoustic Consultancy - Review of soundproofing plans for the 2 cinema rooms and design + specification of the interior acoustic environment
Chez Charles - Dubai 2017
Acoustic and Audio Consultancy - Specification of the acoustic treatment solution using STO, as well as the sound system design and calibration by GENELEC
Molecule - Dubai 2016
Acoustic and Audio Consultancy - Specification of the acoustic treatment solution behind the perforated ceiling, as well as the sound system design and calibration by GENELEC, Architettura Sonora and AD Systems.
Four Seasons Hotel - Beirut 2016
Audio Consultancy - Design, specification and calibration of the sound system for the rooftop bar by Architettura Sonora and Dynacord.
Private Residence - Lebanon 2016
Audio Consultancy - Design, specification and implementation of a full indoor and outdoor sound system by Architettura Sonora
La Petite Maison - Beirut 2016
Acoustic Consultancy - Measurement and specification of acoustic treatment solution using Vicoustic Viclouds suspended from the ceiling
Clinton Street Baking - Dubai 2016
Acoustic Consultancy - Simulation of interior acoustic environment and specification of a seamless sound absorbing ceiling by STO
Torino Express
Audio Consultancy
Inked - Dubai 2016
Acoustic Consultancy - Acoustic simulation for hangar and specification of suspended sound absorbing panels by Vicoustic
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