"Less than 100 years ago, our auditory sense was considerably more dominant than our visual faculty in delivering information about our world. 

Back then, we were well aware of the impact of positive and negative sounds and we naturally adapted our living and working environment for a better quality of life.

Today, blinded by the dominance of our visual sense, we have forgotten, but not escaped from the effects of negative soundscapes on our mood, productivity and behaviour.

This section is dedicated to our huge passion and our driving principle that sound matters."

                                           fouad bechwati, principal

behind the music
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Episode 4: The Ballroom Blitz

Launch on 3 April 2019

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We are specialized in running acoustical simulations that help us design the most complex and ambitious acoustic projects, delivering a very high level of sonic precision and clarity for both performers and audience, whether in a philharmonic hall intended for classical music or an underground techno nightclub.

Abstract Glass Building


We believe in maths and exact science. Through a range of simulation softwares, we study the behavior of sound traveling through any building element, from the transmission of vibration through solid partitions to the airborne sound transmission in air ducts. We also evaluate the sonic impact of a building on its surrounding environment in the drive to help design quieter and more human friendly cities.


A sound system simulation becomes realistic only when you take into account all acoustic parameters of a space, from the internal sonic environment to the position and characteristics of surfaces and materials. Only then are you able to provide calculations for the behavior of a speaker system that are as realistic as physically hearing it. We also provide sound system tuning services because you can only get the most of your sound system after it has been tuned to react with the acoustic effects of the environment it is in.




"There have been many people who were telling us that we wouldn't need any acoustic improvement in our cinemas because they're small rooms and the cinema chairs will swallow all the sound. I have to say this is not true. What we have now is really special. 21dB have ensured that we have the best acoustics in our cinemas."

Verena von Stackelberg - founder @ wolf (Berlin)


"Überhaus was a difficult project made of containers and we had to find a way where all that sound should be compact inside this metal box. This is when we brought in the professionals. Our collaboration with 21dB brought our sound to a whole new level."

Ali Saleh & Nemer Saliba - founders @ Überhaus (Beirut)


“We're so happy we chose to work with 21dB. From the initial consultation all the way through the project’s conclusion, the service we received was impeccable and the end result really brought our vision to life. The acoustic environment they realized in this large hangar is simply impeccable.”

Patrick Jarjour - founder @ Inked (Dubai)

In the press
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acoustics TESTing SOLUTIONS


Rooms may be improved for the wellbeing and good intelligibility

by using professional test solutions for Room Acoustics and Building Acoustics.

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Live Sound Test Solutions provide the tools for optimized sound performance and to keep the levels within specified limits

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Dedicated test solutions for Evacuation Systems and speech intelligibility enable people to react quickly in case of emergency - a life safety code requirement.

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SPA Theatre - KSA
SPA Theatre - KSA

Acoustic and Audio Consultancy - Full design of the interior architectural shapes of the conference theatre plus sound system design and specification by Duran Audio

The Ballroom Blitz
The Ballroom Blitz

Acoustic and Audio Consultancy - Full design for soundproofing and acoustic treatment of club, plus design, specification, implementation and tuning of full analogue sound system by Stage Accompany and dnb

Inked - Dubai
Inked - Dubai

Acoustic Consultancy - Acoustic simulation for hangar and specification of suspended sound absorbing panels by Vicoustic

AHM - Beirut
AHM - Beirut

Acoustic and Audio Consultancy - Design of the soundproofing structure surrounding the club, as well as the sound system design and calibration

Chez Charles - Dubai
Chez Charles - Dubai

Acoustic and Audio Consultancy - Specification of the acoustic treatment solution using STO, as well as the sound system design and calibration by GENELEC

The Gärten - Beirut
The Gärten - Beirut

Acoustic Consultancy - Technical design of sound proofing barrier implemented on the pyramidal steel structure as well as the infamous acoustic tunnel leading into and out of the backstage area of the club

WOLF - Berlin
WOLF - Berlin

Acoustic Consultancy - Review of soundproofing plans for the 2 cinema rooms and design + specification of the interior acoustic environment

Molecule - Dubai
Molecule - Dubai

Acoustic and Audio Consultancy - Specification of the acoustic treatment solution behind the perforated ceiling, as well as the sound system design and calibration by GENELEC, Architettura Sonora and AD Systems.

Four Seasons Hotel - Beirut
Four Seasons Hotel - Beirut

Audio Consultancy - Design, specification and calibration of the sound system for the rooftop bar by Architettura Sonora and Dynacord.

Private Residence - Lebanon
Private Residence - Lebanon

Audio Consultancy - Design, specification and implementation of a full indoor and outdoor sound system by Architettura Sonora

La Petite Maison - Beirut
La Petite Maison - Beirut

Acoustic Consultancy - Measurement and specification of acoustic treatment solution using Vicoustic Viclouds suspended from the ceiling

Clinton Street Baking - Dubai
Clinton Street Baking - Dubai

Acoustic Consultancy - Simulation of interior acoustic environment and specification of a seamless sound absorbing ceiling by STO





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